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My name is Cristina and I'm 17 years old. Physically I'm very tall, more than the other girls (1.83 m), and the other features you can see in the photo. I live in a flat with my mother Cristina and my sister Julia, who is 14 years old. We see our father once a week and during the weekends, because my parents are separated.

My hobbies are doing sport, listening to music (I couldn't live without it), reading love stories and, obviously, go out with my friends! I swim in a swimming team with my sister, but I like doing any sport. I also love acting, it's my passion! :)

We can keep in touch by e-mail( or by facebook (Cristina Márquez Tabuenca).

I am wishing that April comes! :)


Hi! I'm Marta and I'm 16 years old.

I'm average height (1,67m), I have dark hair and brown eyes.

I live in a flat with my parents and I haven't brothers or sisters.

I'm outgoing, cheerful and hardworking, but sometimes I could be alittle abstent-minded (about all when I'm listening to music)

I love reading, going out with my friends, listening to music, traveling and meeting new people, so I'm very exited with this exchange. But what I most like is to act (I'm in a theatre group in the high school).

That is all about me. I hope to meet you as soon as possible.


Hola! Soy Marta y tengo 16 años.

Tengo una estatura media (1,67 m) pelo moreno y los ojos pardos.

Vivo en un piso con mis padres y no tengo hermanos ni hermanas.

Soy extrovertida, alegre y trabajadora, pero algunas veces puedo ser un poco distraída (sobre todo cuando estoy escuchando música).

Me encanta leer, salir con mis amigos, escuchar música, viajar y conocer gente nueva, por eso estoy muy emocionada con este intercambio. Pero lo que más me gusta es actuar (estoy en un grupo de teatro en el instituto).

Eso es todo sobre mí. Espero conoceros lo antes posible.


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