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Hi! My name is Inés and I'm 16 years old.

I live in a flat with my parents, Helenio and Chari, and my elder sister Helena, she is 20 years old.

I'm sociable, cheerful, responsible and I can seem a bit shy but when I get to know somebody I often make jokes and talk a lot.

I'm medium height, I have brown hair and dark eyes. My skin is dark too.

I want to participe in the exchange because I like going out and meeting new people. I'm also interested in other cultures, I have been in other countries of Europe but I have never been in the North.

I'm studying 1º Bachillerato of Sciences because I love Biology. But one of my other passions is Art. I like painting, drawing and playing piano, although I have never taken piano lessons.

In my free time, I like going out with my friends, practising sports (cycling, footing), listening to music, and at weekend I usually go to the beach.

During the week, I study English in an academy in order to get the First Certificate of English and improve my English.

My facebook is Inés Piñero, if you want to contact with me, send me an invitation:)

I'm looking foward to meet you!

Hola! Me llamo Inés y tengo 16 años.

Vivo en un piso con mis padres, Helenio y Chari, y mi hermana mayor Helena, que tiene 20 años.

Soy sociable, alegre y responsable. Al principio puedo parecer un poco tímida pero cuando cojo confianza suelo hacer bromas y hablar bastante.

Soy de estatura media, y tengo el pelo y los ojos oscuros, y mi piel es morena.

Quiero participar en el intercambio porque me gusta salir y conocer gente nueva. También me gusta conocer otras culturas, he viajado a varios países de Europa pero nunca he estado en el norte.

Estoy estudiando 1º Bachillerato de Ciencias porque me encanta la biología. Pero una de mis grandes pasiones es el Arte. Me gusta pintar, dibujar y tocar el piano, aunque nunca he tomado clases de piano.

En mi tiempo libre, me gusta salir con mis amigos, hacer deporte (ciclismo, footing), escuchar música, y los fines de semana, suelo ir a la playa.

Durante la semana, voy a una academia de inglés para obtener el certificado del First Certificate y mejorar mi inglés.

Mi facebook es Inés Piñero, si quieres contactar y hablar conmigo, agrégame:)

Estoy impaciente por conoceros!

Hi! My name is Sandra. I'm 16 years old. I'm short, and I have brown hair and brown eyes.

I live in a flat with my mother Araceli and my brother Christian who is only 4 years old. We usually see our father because he lives near.

I like going out with my friends and reading. I love very much football, but I don't play very well. My favourite football team is Sevilla Fútbol Club, and I go to football stadium every match. But above all, I love listening to music! I listen a lot of very different music. Especially, I listen pop and rock.

I like meeting new people and tranveling around the world, and I'm very excited about the exchange.

My facebook is Sandra Lora Luque and my e-mail is

See you soon!

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