domingo, 11 de marzo de 2012



My name is Ana Cebrero, but my friends usually call me Ann. I’m 16 years old and I will fulfill 17 in May. I have got brown eyes and long, dark hair.

I’m studying first of baccalaureate of science, I’m hard- worker because I want to study medicine so I need good marks, despite of that  I love laughing all the time and having fun  with my friends. I’m an outgoing-person, a bit clumsy and also stubborn hahaha J

I live in a flat with my parents and my brother whose name is Pablo, he’s two years old younger than me, maybe  due to our ages which are very similar we get on very well, and we do lots of things together like going to the cinema or rolling skating.

Like reading books, as well as watching films, going out with my friends or going rolling skating. My facebook is Ann Smc if any of you want to be in contact with me before going to Sweden. I really can’t wait to go there and meet you all!!! J

See you soon Ana.

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