domingo, 1 de marzo de 2009


Hi! I'm Andres Sanz, I'm 16 but I meet the 17 next month so, when I'll be there I'll already be 17. I'm a tall and a fair haired person. I also have brown eyes. I'm not fat at all and what I really love doing is hanging out with my friends and having a nice day outside. For my leisure, I normally practice sports, specially tennis (I love it) or football. At home, we are 5 people : my parents, my younger sister, my older brother and me. We all live in a medium size flat, probably, you might find it small but it's really pretty ^^. I'm travelling to Sweden next April ‘cause I consider travelling as one of my favorite activities and I think it broadens my mind. I consider myself as a cheerful, talkative and mature person. I hope to see you as soon as possible! xxx Here is my msn address:

Nota del Editor: Aparecen juntas las fotos de Andrés y la de Rocío, que, tras mucho trabajo, hemos conseguido pasar al formato adecuado para colgarla en este blog.

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